Why do you need a property manager

Managing your property will require a lot more work than you anticipate. Unfortunately property management is not just about collecting rent. Here are a few of the other details you will need to think about:

  • Advertising for and choosing the right tenants
  • Regular inspections
  • Managing tenancy disputes
  • Managing and collecting rental payments
  • Keeping occupancy at a maximum
  • Staying on top of any maintenance issues
  • Staying up to date with legal requirements


Engaging and working with Yes Lets means we take care of these things for you. We regularly secure a higher rental than anticipated as well as making sure your property is well looked after which maintains or increases your property value more than covering our fees. 

Yes Lets takes the stress out of property rental. We manage the details so you don’t have to.

Being a landlord is easy, right?

Being a landlord isn’t as easy as it sounds. Your home is now a business and that can take time to adjust to. If you are a regular property investor you have got past this but for a first time property investor there are somethings that are useful to know.

  1. Your Property is Now a Business
    As much as you may love your home, it is now a business. It needs to be managed and treated with the same professionalism as a business needs and the care and passion a home needs. The moment you have a tenant in the door your property has now become a business and decisions need to be considered from a business perspective rather than an emotive one. Yes Lets prides itself on managing property as a business as well as a valued home.

  2. Enable Prompt Action
    Enabling your property manager to act on your behalf in the event of emergencies with pre-agreed consents, allows them to take prompt action to prevent further damage, inconvenience and loss of value in your property. Yes Lets has processes in place to respond immediately to situations such as a burst water cylinder or a storm ravaged roof. Enabling us to act quickly can result in maintaining your property as an incoming earning asset, and prevent further damage.

  3. Stay on Top of Repairs and Maintenance
    Homes need regular maintenance and attention to retain their value. Yes Lets works with you to create a ‘Repairs and Maintenance Schedule’ that allows work to be budgeted for and regularly conducted and is experienced in knowing when and what maintenance requirements apply to your property.

  4. Respecting Tenants rights
    Communicate with your property manager to understand your tenants’ rights before taking any action.

  5. Stay Informed
    Keeping informed is key. Read your property inspection reports, they are your insight into how well your asset is being looked after, and gives alerts to any potential issues that may need budgeting for.